About Liz

Liz Foster is a process-led painter – her work is an ongoing exploration of the possibilities of paint and the human fascination with creating marks.  She focuses on the interaction of colours with  gestural mark-making, creating both abstract and semi-abstract imagery. She tends to work on several pieces at once, editing and reviewing her work over several months. Liz has exhibited nationally, and is currently based in York. She trained at the Glasgow School of Art.

If you would like further information about a specific painting or any further information about Liz Foster’s work then please get in touch here.


Artist Statement

The process of painting and creating images holds endless fascination for me.  I work mainly in oils, however a substantial amount  of my work in created in water-based paints and and mixed-media. My work is not thematic in any obvious way- rather, I like to play between pure abstraction and subtle references to place or object. Paintings begin with intuitive marks and colour, and are often developed over several months, if not years. The final composition only comes to realisation in the later stages of the process.



Glasgow School of Art, B.A. (hons) Drawing and Painting, 1994

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Student Exchange Scholarship, 1993

The University of Hull, M.A. Fine Art,  2004